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Travelling to Rajasthan During COVID-19

A Fresh Chapter for Rajasthan after Lockdown

Rajasthan is reopening for tourists along with other measures. This is a fresh chapter for Rajasthan after been in Lockdown for many days. Here are the guidelines to follow if you wish to travel to Rajasthan during these times:

Travelling within Rajasthan

Traveling within Rajasthan from one city to another is unrestricted. But make sure you follow guidelines like wearing mask and social distancing. 

Travelling to Rajasthan from Other States:

You can travel to Rajasthan from other states. There is no pass required while entering the state. 

Tips Before Travel : 

1. Make sure you have bookings at hotel if you are traveling as a tourist 

2. Download and install Arogya Setu app

3. Make sure you carry essentials like mask, hand sanitizer, soap etc. to keep yourself safe.

How to Go 'Goa’ in COVID-19 for Vacation

Goa always calls you back for more

Goa has always been a preferred getaway destination for many travellers. No matter how many times you have visited before, Goa always calls you back for more. COVID-19 in the recent few months has led to the pause in tourism for many destinations. For many of you, Goa may also be the first destination to travel in COVID-19. From July, Goa is reopened for tourists, and you can escape from your home and let Goa be the weekend destination you’ve always dreamed of. But during this COVID-19, there are certain measures and precautions that you need to follow if you want to visit Goa. Here is a detail of what to do to make your travels smooth.

Regional Platters of India

Appease Your Appetite with regional Delicacies of India

Nothing can beat the spicy flavors served in an Indian platter. Much like its landscape itself, India is blessed with much diversity in flavors served by its different regions. Every state in India exudes a distinct taste and has a different style of cooking. The country can be well termed as a food lovers paradise, since no other country in the world can serve such a wide variety of tasty delights that would satiate the cravings of your taste bud and gratify the urge of your appetite. Although it is an impossible task to shorten down the list of the most delicious regional platters of India, yet in the following list the names of the most appetizing delights are mentioned that you should definitely try out while on a trip to India:

Why Travel Insurance is Important During Tours?

Travel Hassle Free

When travelling internationally it is very important for a traveler to ensure that their travel remains hassle free. When travelling abroad there are a hundred of circumstances that you can come face to face with. Obviously you won’t your trip to get ruined because of any monetary fluctuations in the international market. Things get even more serious if you are for a business trip abroad. Putting an abrupt end to your trip due to monetary confusions is the last thing you want to happen to your trip. Hence, it is only wise that you opt for an appropriate travel insurance when travelling abroad only to protect your trip from any mishaps.Having travel insurance takes a long way when you are planning an international trip. You never know what untoward situation can occur when you are abroad. You might go down with flu or you might get injured or fall sick. Would you like to drain your hard earned money under such circumstances? No, definitely not! Let’s say it this way having travel insurance gives you and your family protection against sickness or injury when you are travelling or holidaying in an international location. It can cover expenses such as hospital or medical expenses, dental bills as well as other costs.

Experience the Magic of Mauritius

Slice of Paradise on Earth

Cobalt horizon dipping into azure waters, framed against sun-bleached beaches and palm fringed skyline, this is the perfect setting for the slice of paradise known as Mauritius, the most developed of the Mascarene Islands. It is a fascinating place to enjoy an enchanting vacation, amidst exotic landscapes and exemplary natural setting.There is no dearth of adventure to be unearthed on this island paradise. The very name of the island is nowadays synonymous with extreme decadence with luxury. If you are planning a getaway to an exotic land that offers a whole lot of other deals besides sunbathing and swimming, then you should start looking at the Mauritius holiday packages and brochures.  A trip to Mauritius is guaranteed fun and will be worth a memory for a lifetime.

The Mauritius packages are replete with a lot of fun filled activities too, which include historic sightseeing, luxury day outings at spas, gourmet food journeys and a wide plethora of water-based adventure sports. The cultural diversity of the land is another attractive facet of the island and act as a tourist magnet. The local populace is another dazzling feature of the island that keeps the steady flow of tourist running perennially all through the year. The diversity of the region is reflected widely in its food habits, as you will find widely varied cuisines such as Chinese, French, African and Indian, each of them widely different from the other yet interlinked in their rich flavors and elements.

A Foodie’s Guide To Havelock

Food Places Must To Try

Here’s the thing about food and travel. They both go hand in hand. While some explore travel to understand the rich history and culture of a new place, then there are those who simply move to ends of the earth to experience the infinite flavours the world has to offer.

And so here we are, to guide your starving stomach and curious taste buds to Havelock Island’s best places it has in store for you when you visit Andaman. While each of the restaurants have a wide variety of sea foods which is an important element in the island’s food culture, there are those few gem of a restaurant which offers the world on a platter for you. And today we will feature those must try food places.

On road to Pykara Falls at Ooty

Majestic Beauty of Nature

The best way to explore Ooty is to walk through the divine greenery when you get to witness the majestic beauty of nature unfolding in front of your eyes. Laden with lush meadows and unadulterated scenic-beauty, Ooty is a unique hill station in India. The city is adorned with the sprawling landscape, numerous vibrant tourist spots and verdant mountain ranges. For those looking forward to Ooty Holidays, there is certainly a lot more to expect from the city than more sightseeing jaunts. Come and explore the beauty of Pykara Falls at Ooty.

The Ramayana Trail In Sri Lanka

Everything You Need to Know About

In epic Ramayana, Lanka plays an important role in shaping the story. The abode of the King Ravana is described as an island with homes and palaces made of gold. Rama’s army built a bridge on the sea to cross over. They finally defeated Ravana and took Sita home.

Lanka is today known as the modern Sri Lanka. Every year millions of Hindu devotees visit Sri Lanka to pay their respects. Among all the things to do in Sri Lanka exploring the locations where events of Ramayana took place is an amazing activity.

There are several places of key value to do the Ramayana trail in Sri Lanka. Here are some of the important places to visit in Sri Lanka that you can explore to learn this country’s importance in Hindu mythology.

Amarnath Yatra: Journey Embellished with Mythology

An Ancient Holy Pilgrimage

Pilgrimages have been an intrinsic part of Indian culture for a very long time. The notion is that life is a journey, and a pilgrimage is an external projection of this inward journey. One embarks on this spiritual quest not only to be cleansed of sins but to be reinvigorated in mind and body. To start afresh. To reflect on the essence of existence itself.

Amarnath Yatra is an ancient holy pilgrimage undertaken by approximately 600,000 individuals annually. It entails trekking to the sacred Amarnath Cave, in Jammu and Kashmir, which is one of the most revered Hindu shrines in the world. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it marks one of 18 Shakti Peethas scattered across South Asia.

Ensconced by sugar coated mountains, entwining gold valleys, shimmering waterfalls and lakes – it is a voyage worth taking. If not for its spiritualism, for its unadulterated natural beauty.

A journey embellished with mythology

Amarnath Yatra is associated with many a legend. But there is one that stands out. There is one such story that binds the entire pilgrimage with a silver thread. A story that sheds mythical light on a deeply spiritual path.

Drenched in magic and folklore, it will fascinate, intrigue and pique your religious curiosity.

The story of Amarnath goes a little something like this;

Lord Shiva made the decision to narrate to his beloved wife, Parvati, the ultimate secret of the universe. The source of his mortality. The elixir of life. The magical truth. But in doing so, he needed to find a quiet place. A place far away from prying eyes. As such, he took off for the sacred Amarnath Cave. During his journey, he stopped at several sites. Painting each one with blissful and breath-taking beauty.

Let us take you through Lord Shiva’s route, and highlight the wonderful places you can see on your way up to the cave.

Embark on this ethereal adventure with us!

Top Tourist Places in Dharamshala

Beautiful Hamlet of Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful destination that is always on the top of the bucket list of every traveler. The encompassing Himalayas, beautiful valleys and meandering rivers make this state of India simply enchanting.

Among the best tourist places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, the name of Dharamshala always comes on the top. This beautiful hamlet of Kangra Valley is bedecked with many gorgeous tea gardens, colorful monasteries, splendid trekking spots, and ancient temples. Anyone who wishes to find a break from the hectic city life should plan a vacation to Dharamshala. Time spent here guarantees rejuvenation and revival of spirits.

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